Curriculum and Degree Requirements

To complete the Physical Therapist Assistant program at the University of Saint Francis, you must complete the 71 credits indicated in curriculum plan. You are required to maintain a GPA of 2.0 or higher on a 4.0 scale to be eligible to graduate.


Semester I Credit Hours
Anatomy and Physiology I (BIOL 221) 3
College Algebra 3
General Psychology 3
Intro to Physical Therapy 3
Patient Care Skills I 3
Concepts of Patient Care 2
Service Learning 2
Semester II
Anatomy and Physiology II (BIOL 222) 3
Physical Survey 3
Rhetoric and Composition 3
Patient Care Skills II 4
Functional and Applied Anatomy 3
Clinical Education I 1
Semester III
Human Growth and Development 3
Franciscan Tradition 3
Patient Care Skills III 5
Medical Lectures 3
Clinical Education II 2
Semester IV
Patient Care Skills IV (first 8 weeks) 5
PTA Seminar (first 8 weeks) 2
Clinical Education III (first 8 weeks)** 2
Clinical Education IV (second 8 weeks)** 8
Total 71

Placement in English, reading and math is based on results from the SAT or ACT. If these test scores are not available, then placement tests will need to be taken. Additional courses may be necessary in order to demonstrate competency in these areas or to prepare for more advanced course work.

Transfer Credit Timeline

If you would like to receive transfer credit for required science courses, you must do so within five years of being accepted into the Physical Therapist Assistant program. You will not be penalized for a delay in matriculation due to program capacity issues. If you defer admission, however, the five-year limit applies.