Simulated Learning Experiences

The Simulation Lab, housed in the Doermer Family Center for Health Sciences Education, began operation in the spring of 2008. In the Physical Therapist Assistant program, you will become familiar with the Simulation Lab during the first semester of your course work. During the second and third semesters of the program, you will participate in Simulated Clinical Experiences working directly with high-fidelity human patient simulators.

The Simulated Clinical Experiences were developed by a Physical Therapist Assistant faculty member to provide relevant, real-world physical therapy and patient care practice. You will complete reading assignments and answer questions prior to participating in simulated learning experiences to ensure you are prepared to learn and take on the active roles you will be assigned. Through these experiences, you will learn pathophysiology and clinical skills, and practice collaborating and communicating with a health care team. You will have the opportunity to educate and interact with family members or significant others, as you will in real-world health care settings. Upon conclusion of each simulated learning experience, you will review audiovisual feedback and discuss your performance, as well as that of your peers.

In addition to Simulated Clinical Experiences, the Simulation Lab will also provide you with the opportunity to work with iStan, the latest innovation by Medical Education Technology, Inc. iStan is a human patient simulator that was built to better resemble the internal functions and external characteristics of a human. The iStan model is considered a non-tethered model because it is not outwardly connected to a compressor and fixed computer station. iStan’s independence and wireless capabilities allow it to be easily used in the classroom and the Physical Therapist Assistant student lab during the second semester of the program.

Video Testimonials

Watch as a Physical Therapist Assistant faculty member and two students describe their experiences working in the Simulation Lab.